‘Powerful learning …

… by simulation’

Learning by doing

One of the most powerful learning methods is learning by doing. This is how everybody started to learn, even as a child, by peeking and imitating.

We at The Simulation Crew use this powerful and natural way of learning in our approach and have been internationally renowned for this.


We simulate your environment in 3D on computer, tablet, smartphone or VR. You will learn by the responses and reactions of what you did in the simulation. Imagine natural responses of people you addressed or new screens and sounds from systems. They are created to let you learn from reality. Only if needed our virtual coach will assist you.

Proven solutions

Hundreds of thousands have been trained this way, all over Europe, in companies like Action, Hema, C&A, Rituals, Blokker, Air Traffic Control, Dutch Police, and in schools for Vocational Education.


Your audience will gain important learning experience in a simulated environment. In simulations learning means trying, making mistakes and repeating in order to improve oneself and to master the tasks.
What are the benefits? You will be confident and skilled ready for the real work in the shortest time.

Our people like this simulation a lot. At the start there were some doubts about using computers for training, but we even have people who kept doing the simulation again and again, for fun!


We had a very efficient roll out of a new POS system. Using the simulation we could train all of our staff in 2 hours, without any organizational problems because employees train themselves without supervision. No training facilities were needed because it’s all in the simulation. And no problems during roll out.


We noticed that an employee who followed the Simulation is able to start to work immediately and can work independently. We don’t have to spend time for instruction, this saves us a lot.


Training new employees is usually done in practice, using a buddy to compagnion the new hire. We have calculated the costs and were astonished to see the savings when we used the simulation in warehouse training. Not only much quicker but also better, because this is a perfect method of implementing quality in our way of working, resulting is much less errors and belonging costs.


First of all, not having a simulation would have made it impossible to implement our new systems in such a short time. Second, we have experienced a very low demand on our helpdesk during the roll out, implying that everything was well understood and perfectly trained. Third: people like the simulation, because it is game!