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What we do

This is how we work with our customers. We will discuss with you what you can expect from the deployment of simulations to reach your goals. Once we agree, we will go ahead. At the start of the project we shall always experience from the learner point of view what it means to acquire the skills. By our immersion in the professional practice we are able to come up with the simulation design. This design will be discussed with you and determined/fixed. The construction of the simulation proceeds; a 3D environment will be created; designers write scenario’s and scripts; software engineers start the software development process.
We work agile, involving you in our process.

Non profit organisations
Implementing new systems or new ways of working throughout an organisation can be a difficult task. Using a realistic simulation can help to overcome this hurlde.
Corporate Organisation
How do you ensure that all your new employees are trained in a proper and uniform manner? We combine the best of simulation, e-learning and serious gaming to create a training experience that is proven to be more effective than on-the-job training.
Employment Services
Helping unemployed (back) to work often involves special treatment and isn’t easy. Using realistic simulation can be of great help. It provides an attractive gamebased way of learning, is self paced, and is proven effective.
Vocational Education
Almost all vocational education take place in the classroom or on the job site during an apprenticeship. The deployment of simulations in schools for vocational education brigdes a gap between theory and practice.


From the user point of view you see a checkout and a customer. Everything has been made interactive and clickable. Following a natural flow you will serve this customer , scan all items, and take care of payment.

Ask this customer if she has a loyalty card, name the amound due, bid her a friendly goodbye, and more. Know what to say in every situation.
100% realistic functionality of this Point of Sale software, choose the right option, and learn how to correct wrong input, and more. Feel confident using this till.
When needed your coach will guide you through the process. If you need help, just ask your coach. You will never get stuck.